10 key habits to optimize your health and happiness
by dr. denise patterson, nd

Have you let your health fall to the bottom of your priority list? Do you struggle to implement healthy habits into your life? Do you feel like you KNOW everything you should be doing but get overwhelmed with HOW to implement them into your everyday life? If your answer was “yes” to any of these questions, then Healthy Habit Haul is for you.

In this book, Dr. Denise Patterson, ND, outlines the key elements she always incorporates into her treatment plans in a practical, no-holds-barred way to empower you to create the life you know you deserve. In this life-changing book, you will learn how to implement the key health habits that have helped so many reach their optimal health and happiness. This book contains the perfect blend between education and action.

In this refreshingly effective how-to guide, each chapter will:
  • Help you establish your WHY by deepening your understanding of the importance of each habit to the foundation of optimal health and happiness
  • Guide you through fun and actionable challenges on HOW to implement these habits into your daily life, resulting in life long change
  • Transform your identity into the person you’ve always dreamt of being
  • Help you create a life in which you’re not just surviving, but THRIVING

By the end of Healthy Habit Haul, you will have established the key health habits needed to reach the highest level of health and happiness. You will have shifted your identity into the person you always knew you were capable of being and created a life you’ve always dreamt of.

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A little bit about me. I obtained my Doctor of Naturopathy degree at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and I also hold a Bachelor of Health Science Degree (Honours), with a major in Kinesiology from the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. I have always had a love for science and health and throughout my 8 years of post-secondary education, my passion for modern medicine and evidence based diagnostic tools has only grown stronger.

Let’s work together to get you feeling your best in order to create the life you know you deserve.


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